1961 President Hisashi Morikawa of Morikawa Industries Corporation establishes a valve machine factory with the objective of selling in-house products.
1961 Morikawa Kogyo Inc. is founded as the exclusive distributor.
1961 Begins operation under an integrated production system, from casting, processing, assembling to testing .
1961 Begins sale of valves for every kind of refrigerator and freezer, with June 2nd as the founding date.
1965 Company name changed to Morikawa Valve.
1968 Head office is relocated from 150 Imojiya, Koshoku-city, Nagano to 1-33-20 KamiIkebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
1968 Tie up with Nikkiso Co., Ltd. for sale of non-seal pump and becomes the exclusive agent.
1972 Tie up with Emerson Electric Co. in the US and becomes the exclusive agent in Japan.
1998 S-type device wins Tokyo Industrial Technology Award (Product and technology contributing to the creation of an environmental recycling society).
1998 Integrates Morikawa Valve and Tokyo office of Morikawa Industries Corporation to form MORIKAWA Co., Ltd. with three business operations: Refrigerant and Air Conditioning Equipment Division, Environmental Equipment Division and Electronics Division.
1999 With introduction of the New Field Advancement Law, operation is shifted to manufacturing and commences secondary founding period.
1999 With introduction of the Creation Law, development commences for new-type of gas recovery device.
1999 S-type device wins the 26th Outstanding Environmental Device Award by the Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers Chairman Award.
1999 Begins operation of Environmental Equipment Division in Nagano Plant.
2002 With introduction of the Tokyo Business Innovation Law, 3-year business plan with environmental equipment operation as management pillar is commenced.
2002 Environmental Equipment Division in Nagano Factory becomes the Nagano Office integrating operations, and forms development and production system.
2002 Capital is increased to 31 million yen.
2005 S-type device receives high evaluation on verification test for dichloromethane processing technology and is certified The Pilot Project of the Environmental Technology Verification in the field of VOC Treatment (MOE).
2006 Certified 300 Energetic Manufacturing SMEs (METI).
2006 Acknowledged as a major development company for the Environmental Cleanup Technology Development to support the Safety and Security of the City of Tokyo Regional Concentrated Research and Development Program.
2007 Certified as the investment No.1 for the SME Commercialization Support Fund by Tokyo.
2007 Capital is increased to 67 million yen.
2008 Capital is increased to 97 million yen.
2008 S-type device is recognized with the 11th Protect the Ozone Layer and Prevent Global Warming Award, Minister of the Environment Award sponsored by the Nihon Kogyo Shimbun.
2008 Ibaragi Distribution Center is relocated to Chikuma-shi, Nagano and commences operation of Chikuma Distribution Center.
2010 Commences joint development with the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute.
2011 Sets up Tokyo Office for Environment Equipment Division and commences operation.
2012 Certified for the Interdisciplinary Collaboration New Business Field Development Plan (new collaboration) (METI) and commences separate mobile-type VOC recovery system operation plan.
2013 S-type device is recognized with the Resource Recirculation Technology and Systems, Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry Chairman Award”.
2013 With introduction of Tokyo “Business Innovation Law,” commences 3-year plan for environmental equipment operation expansion.
2017 The head office is relocated from 1-33-20 Kami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo to 5-45-5 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo.
2018 Tsuyoshi Morikawa is appointed President.
2018 S-type device (Model F) is recognized with the “Japan Industrial Conference on Cleaning, New Outstanding Industrial Cleaning Product Award”.
2018 Chairman Kiyoshi Morikawa is awarded The Order of the Rising Sun, Silver Rays at the Autumn Conferment.
2019 Takes over Valve Production Operation of Morikawa Industries Corporation and forms an integrated sales and manufacturing system for the valve operation. Creates a two-division system with valve and environment operations.
2019 Commences operation of Chikuma Plant of Morikawa Industries Corporation as the Nagano Office. Unifies Chikuma Distribution Center with Valve Operation, Manufacturing Division.
2020 Selected for Global Niche Companies 100 (METI).