This is the first time that I contact your company. I want any products of your Valve Division (valve, automatic controller, etc.). Can I have a direct transaction with you?

We are very sorry. But we do not have any transactions with new customers. Therefore, we ask these customers to receive an estimate and purchase our products through the sales shops such as trading companies. Request the refrigerant or piping trading company having transactions with you to order our products in place of you. If you have no connection with the trading company, please contact our Valve Division (Sales Department).

I am starting up the device now but the EMERSON electrical control valve EX mounted does not work.

Check the followings:

  1. Check whether parameters of the driver and controller are correctly set as shown in the instruction manual.
  2. Check whether wiring is correctly connected as shown in the instruction manual.
  3. Check whether the valve is correctly silver-blazed. If the silver solder is mixed into the inside, it is fixed and the valve may not work. For more information, refer to the instruction manual.
  4. Check that a connector connection pin is not deformed and bent.
  5. Check the digital input signal. It may be OFF. Turn it ON.
I closed the ball valve but the refrigerant still flows. It may be leaked inside. How should I stop leakage?

Check the followings:

  1. An arrow is located on top of the stem. The ball valve is fully closed when this arrow is at a position perpendicular to the piping. The valve is fully opened when the arrow is at a position parallel to it. Therefore, if the arrow is at a position slightly oblique to it, the refrigerant is leaked. Turn the arrow to the position perpendicular to it.
  2. When you cannot turn the arrow to the position perpendicular to the piping and it stops halfway, a stopper plate may receive excessive torque and be deformed. The stopper plate is a member for limiting the rotation direction of the spindle. Operate it with a specified torque. For more information, contact our Valve Division (Sales Department).
Do you sell the ball valves having service valves?

No, we do not deal with them now. We dealt with them in past days but the production is ended.

Can I purchase a single piece of electrical control valve EX series, MVD-01, EC3-X33 or cable?

New customers should purchase a set of electrical control valve EX series as shown below:
[Details of set]
① Main body of electrical control valve EX, driver MVD-01 and dedicated cable.
② Main body of electrical control valve EX, EC3-X33, dedicated cable, input unit, pressure sensor and temperature sensor.
Repeat customers may purchase a single piece if they have any reasons such as improper work or missing parts. However, note that when they change the existing trading company to a new one, they should be deemed as new customers and purchase a set of the above.

I am using (solvent type A). How much the solvent can be recovered? How much is the facility cost?

We will perform hearing survey about outline of the target facility and usage status based on survey sheets, check the site and investigate the concentration (basically for fees). Then we will provide the proposal and estimate.

Now, (solvent type A) is recovered by the S-series device but I want to change it to (solvent type B). Can I change it with no problem?

Perform the maintenance for the organic solvent gas recovery device and then change the solvent. Contact our Service Division. For changing the solvent of target facility, confirm it with the device manufacturer. If the solvent to be changed is flammable, it cannot be recovered by the S-series devices. For the alternative solvent which can be recovered, contact our Environment Division (Sales Department).

I am using (flammable solvent type A). Can the S-series device recover the solvent?

The S-series organic solvent gas recovery devices cannot recover the flammable solvent. Our CS-series organic solvent gas recovery devices can recover it but the sufficient effects may not be provided depending on the usage status such as usage amount or exhaust gas concentration. For more information, contact our Environment Division (Sales Department).

I want to know details of ADP and gas compressor. What division should I contact?

For more information of ADP (air drive pump) and gas compressor, contact our Valve Division (Manufacturing Department).

What kind of countermeasures does MORIKAWA take against COVID-19?

We limit the number of employees coming to the office and introduce teleworking so as to enable both online and offline work. Also we take countermeasures including wearing masks, complete disinfection with alcohol and installing the partitions to prevent airborne droplets in the office. We adopt and use the air purification device Aeropure* produced by Nikkiso Co., Ltd. This company sets a goal of “developing the products exhibiting high effects on the infection pandemic”. This device utilizes the “Deep UV-LEDs technology” developed by this company and the Nobelist in physics in 2014 to reduce fungi, viruses and odors, and is specialized for disinfecting and deodorizing the space. We deal with this product. For more information, contact us.