Environment Division History of Awards for VOC Gas Recovery Devices

History of Awards for Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Gas Recovery Devices

1998 Won the Tokyo Industrial Technology Award (Product and technology contributing to creation of environmental circulation-type society)
1999 Received the 26th Outstanding Environmental Device, The Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers Chairman Award
2008 Received the 11th Protection of Ozone Layer and Prevention of Global Warming Award, Minister of the Environment Award”
2013 Received the Resource Recirculation Technology and Systems, Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry Chairman Award

Award List for VOC Gas Recovery Device S-type (Model F)

2018Received Japan Industrial Conference on Cleaning, New Outstanding Industrial Cleaning Product Award
2020Selected for the Global Niche Companies Top 100 (METI)

Certification and Support by Public Agencies

2002Certified Tokyo Business Innovation Plan
2005Certified The Pilot Project of the Environmental Technology Verification in the field of VOC processing technology (MOE)
2006Certified as a 300 high-spirited SME (METI)
Certified as a major development company “environmental purification technology development to support the safety and security of the city” in the Tokyo Mobilized Research and Development Program
2007Certified as the first investment for Tokyo “SME Commercialization Support Fund”
2010Commences joint development with the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute
2012 Certified for the Multi-sectional Collaboration Development of the New Business Field Plan (new collaboration) (METI)
2013Certified Tokyo Business Innovation Plan