REARTH VOC Gas Recovery Device Series

REARTH VOC Gas Recovery Device Series

REARTH ® Sシリーズ
REARTH S-series
VOC gas recovery device
REARTH ® Sシリーズ F型
REARTH S-series (Model F)
VOC gas recovery device
REARTH CS-series
VOC gas recovery device
Simple Recycler Unit
Purification Equipment
REARTH service


【Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)】Volatile Organic Compounds (organic solvent)

A form of hydrocarbon defined by the WHO (World Health Organization) as a volatile organic compound having a boiling point below 250℃, and that become gas in the air. It is said that there are approximately 200 types of this thinner-like solution solvent in circulation, excluding methane. A common example of this type of solvent is freon, which causes ozone layer depletion and global warming. However, VOC is widely used in production activities that support the lives of people.


VOC recovery gas devices are available for rental. The device can be used with no initial investment. The greatest features of the device, solvent cost reduction and response to environmental issues, are maintained.



Improve source device

In order to maximize recovery efficiency, the source device is improved through optimization of local disposal and freeboard, and addition of new jig.

Ancillary work, installation, startup adjustment

Installation and piping work required for the introduction of REARTH service will be performed. (However, utility connection to the recovery device is not included in the REARTH service.) After completion of the work, our technical staff will perform test run adjustments to ensure operation. Our staff will also provide explanations on operating methods.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance will be performed to ensure that the recovery device is in good condition and providing optimal performance at all times. In consideration of years of use and total operating hours, our service staff will contact you at suitable times for maintenance.


(REARTH SERVICE) Introduction Steps

(*This environmental measure promotion service was jointly developed with the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute.)