Solvent Recycler

Solvent Recycler

Product name

Automatic Solvent Regenerator (Solvent Recycler)


(1) Continuous type ①Normal pressure type ②Decompression type (2) Batch type

Renewable solvents

  • Hydrocarbon solvent
  • Alcohol solvent
  • Ketone solvent
  • Ester solvent
  • Halogen solvent
*Please inquire about renewable solvents details.


This solvent regenerator operates under a distillation regeneration system, which enables waste molten material placed in the tank to be recovered as clean solvent. Waste molten material is placed in the equipment tank, the tank is heated to the set temperature by the heater embedded in the bottom of the tank. When the solvent vaporizes, it is cooled through a condenser and recovered as solution. Checking the boiling point of the solvent to regenerate, and heat to the vaporizing temperature to remove only the solvent to be recovered. If residue left in the tank after regeneration solidifies, set a special bag of heat resistant agent, which enables disposal without getting hands dirty. If the residue is in liquid form, it is possible to discharge from the bottom of the tank.


(1) Continuous type ① Perfect for cases in which components other than matter to be distilled and regenerated by normal pressure method is liquified or solidified, results sludge in small amount. (If solidified with a large portion of sludge, continuous operating time may be shortened.) Corresponding to cases in which the discharge of waste liquid is approx. 30 to 250 L/day. ② Perfect for cases in which the boiling point of matter to be distilled and regenerated is higher than 150 ℃, and autoignition point is below 250 ℃. (2) Batch type responds to liquid or solid components (sludge) other than matter to be distilled and regenerated. A liner bag is required for solidified residue. Corresponds to cases in which the discharge of waste liquid is approx. 10 to 150 L/day.

*Major Renewable Solvents

Hydrocarbon solvent



Solvent naphtha

Normal hexane


Alcohol Solvent




Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) etc.

Ketone Solvent


Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)

Methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK) etc.

Ester Solvent

Ethyl acetate

Butyl acetate

Methoxybutyl acetate

N-propyl acetate etc.

Halogen solvent

Fluorinated solvent

Brominated solvent

Chlorinated solvent

*The above is an example of renewable resolvents. *Please inquire with Environment Division about other solvents.

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